Intra Ocular Lens Implants for Cataract Surgery

Our eye clinic is equipped with a wide range of Intra-Ocular Lens (IOLs) for correction of Cataract. They include:

  • Monofocal Aspheric, Uv Filtering IOLs
  • Toric IOLs for pre-existing cornea astigmatism correction
  • Multifocal IOLs for presbyopia correction
  • Multifocal Toric IOLs for pre-existing cornea astigmatism and presbyopia correction.
  • Sulcus-Fixated Secondary Multifocal / Toric IOLs on Pre-existing IOLs
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Monofocal IOLs

A standard, mono-focusing lenses that provide ideal distance vision, allow post cataract patients to see clearly at distant vision and often restoring their vision to pre-cataract state. However, most patients will still require spectacles for reading or distant vision if cornea astigmatism is present.

Toric IOLs

Toric lenses can correct many level of astigmatism. In the same way that spectacles are made to correct astigmatism. Toric lenses correct both cataracts and pre-existing cornea astigmatism. These lenses have extra power in one specific region in the lens. They deliver preciseness and quality vision for cataract patients with cornea astigmatism. However, although they can improve distant vision and astigmatism, you may still need to wear glasses for all near tasks, such as reading or writing. In these situations, multifocal toric lenses will benefit.

Type of Toric IOLs available: Rayner T-flex®, AcrySof® IQ Toric

Multifocal IOLs

Multifocal lenses provide excellent quality vision for near, intermediate and distant. As we age, the ability of our eyes to change focus during different range of vision weaken, eventually we will rely on reading glasses during near to intermediate reading.

Through progress in technology, highly specialized optics is able to diffract light and bring it to focus at more than one point to allow excellence vision from near to distant range. It is due to this unique feature of multifocal lenses, patients will be able to reduce dependence on spectacles during reading to a great extend after a cataract operation. However, Multifocal lenses’ performances are compromised in patients who have cornea astigmatism.

Type of Multifocal IOLs available: Rayner M-flex® IOL, AcrySof ReSTOR® IOL

Multifocal Toric IOLs

Multifocal Toric lenses represent the last word in refractive IOLs and are exclusively made by Rayner®. They offer the possibility of correcting distance refractive errors, that include myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, and near refractive errors. These precision-engineered implants can provide excellent far, intermediate and near vision, freeing patient from the need to wear any spectacles after a cataract operation.

Type of Multifocal IOLs available : Rayner M-flex® T IOL

This is a major advance as many patients who had astigmatism were previously unable to benefit from multifocal lens implantation because astigmatism will compromised the quality of vision that can be achieved in multifocal lenses.

Sulcus-Fixated Secondary Multifocal / Toric IOLs

After a cataract surgery, most patients will be delighted to be rid of irritating symptoms like blurred vision and dazzle from lights, however some may still be troubled with having to wear spectacles for near vision or even for distance vision if there is residual refractive errors.

With Rayner Sulcoflex® lenses, post-cataract patients need not put up with less than perfect vision anymore. Rayner Sulcoflex® can be added to original implants which mean that the unnecessary discomfort and inconvenience of removing an IOL that is already in place can be avoided. The lenses are exceptionally thin and custom-matched for the eyes.

In addition to the Aspheric Sulcoflex®, there are two other unique lenses developed specifically to treat other optical issues.



This lens offers precise, reliable alternatives to cornea surgery and is used to treat astigmatism. In the same way that spectacles are made to correct astigmatism, these lenses have extra power in one specific region in the lens. However although they can improve far vision and astigmatism, patients may still need to wear glasses for all close work, such as reading or writing.



This carefully calculated lens could free patient from the need for the spectacles during near vision after cataract surgery. It has the added benefits of minimizing visual distractions like halos and glare. These precision- engineered implants can provide excellent distance and near vision if patient do not have residual astigmatism.

Cataract surgery is usually safe and effective, resulting in improvement of vision. Most of our patients achieve good vision within the first 1-4 weeks.

Post-cataract surgery treatment – YAG laser

Posterior capsule opacification, sometimes known as 'secondary cataract', is a complication that can occur following a cataract surgery. This is caused by the thickening of the back portion of capsule supporting the artificial intraocular lens. This capsule becomes cloudy and affect the vision.

Posterior capsule opacification is very easily treated with a noninvasive procedure called YAG laser capsulotomy. In this procedure, the YAG laser is used to burn a small hole in the middle part of the capsule which then allows light to pass through and retores vision.

Blurring and loss of vision from posterior capsule opacity is usually gradual. While the symptoms are very similar to cataracts, an actual cataract cannot reoccur after cataract surgery.

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